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Book review: <i>Messenger</i> by Craig Johnson

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the cover of the book

A little taster of Walt Longmire that's been released to whet potential readers appetites' for the new full length novel... and whet it does indeed!

The story

Walt, Vic and Henry have been fishing, and with satisfaction and a cooler full of fish they set out home. But there's a distraction, and it isn't just Henry's driving. A radio call for distress comes through from a campsite, and Walt, Vic and Henry head off to the rescue. But they get a lot more than they bargain for as their rescue mission changes forms.

The style

This is such a quick read, because it's a novella/digital taster. And it is really just enough to whet the appetite, the only thing saving it from being really frustratingly short is the fact that it has a whole chapter of the new book at the back! But with that little whinge out of the way, I can say that Messenger is classic Walt Longmire. And by this I mean it's very readable, with just the right amounts of masculine personality battling with whimsy. If you've read Walt's character before – and to be honest, that's probably the point of this story and I wouldn't recommend this being your first foray into the character – then it's just the right amount of character catch up required.

Messenger will get you reacquainted with Walt like an old friend you haven't seen for a bit, let you know where he's at in his life, and get you all ready for your next dip into the life of Sheriff Longmire.

I forgot that I even missed him, and now I'm definitely looking forward to what he has to offer next.

Who is this book for?

As mentioned above, readers who have already read one of this series. I don't recommend this as a starter into Walt's character, it's lovely, but it's not long enough or geared toward new readers. But if you're already into him and looking forward to then next one, this is definitely for you.

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In short

Title: Messenger
Author: Craig Johnson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 978-1-101-63654-1
Year published: 2013
Genre(s): Detective fiction
Review Type: