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Awesome Allshorts is available in paperback!

the cover of the book

Those hard workers at Awesome Indies have released Awesome Allshorts, their collection of short stories, in paperback JUST MERE DAYS AGO. (You can see my review here.

You know what else I hear? CHRISTMAS IS JUST MERE WEEKS AWAY. (Loving the word mere at the moment, by the way). This adds up, guys. The team at Awesome Indies do a fantastic job promoting independently published books, getting authors noticed, and creating a supportive community for readers and writers alike. Being picked up Bryce Courtney-style by a huge publisher might mean you're talented, but it probably really means you're very, very lucky. And some authors who are just as, if not more, talented than the esteemed Mr Courtney (cough), often slip through the cracks of big publishing houses.

So support the little guy, read something new, buy someone a Christmas gift... and do it in paperback!

You can purchase this product either one the Awesome Indies website or from Amazon.

And, the first fifty paperback copies get a free copy. SO HURRY.

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