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Welcome to Illiterarty - the home of book reviews and blogs by a collection of fun individuals. It is our aim here at Illiterarty to provide a wide range of book reviews and writings on various subjects (including books, authors, ourselves...) to better inform you about what to read and what not to read.

We hope you find this site helpful and entertaining. If you would like to review for us, please contact us using one of the addresses provided here.

About our reviewers

Bridget Kulakauskas

Bridget has an Arts degree majoring in Sociology and English Literature, which sounds interesting but really means she's terminally unemployable, which she is gradually learning to live with. She reconciles this by reading lots of books and reviewing them, and living the hospitality worker's dream in Fremantle, WA.

Tom Vaughan

Amongst doing other things, Tom lives in Perth WA, reads and reviews books, and runs his own website; point of tension, where he displays his book reviews, comics and drawings.

Luke Ramshaw

By day, Luke is a lowly supervisor at Ginos in Fremantle WA. But by night, he gets on his mac and gets with the pogrom, revealing a life in madness and depravity. Sometimes he reads books, too.

Phoebe Hamzah

Phoebe is a rockin' Freo muso, the singer for that dynamic husband/wife musical extravaganza The Belle Ends. Occasionally she takes time out to write a rockin' review. And she's naturally hot.